Stories about the Stuff of Our Lives

Here’s another great read on possessions/belongings as we begin conversations about “The Object Lesson” in the classroom.

On Being with Krista Tippet: “The Story We Tell with Our Stuff.” 

“The totality of my possessions reflects the totality of my being. I am what I have … What is mine is myself.”–John Paul Sartre


Photo: Foster Huntington License: The Burning House.


on “Stories about the Stuff of Our Lives
2 Comments on “Stories about the Stuff of Our Lives
  1. ‘On Being’ is such a good program!

    Also, this idea of we are (in some way) the stuff we keep is interesting to think about.

    I’m curious what we purge or let go says about us?

  2. I agree! I love Krista Tippett’s work and will definitely listen to this episode again.

    Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to write and think more about the objects I have cultivated and curated over time and what “stories” they have to tell about me and others in my life.

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