As 2014 Approaches…

With 2014 right around the corner and with all my talk about the future plans for Brazil, I decided to speak directly with some of my friends in Brazil. I made a Facebook post asking the following question: If you could use one word, phrase, sentence to sum up the year 2013 for Brazil, what would you say? Here were some of the most popular responses:

966102_637446505740_1179248701_oImage from New York Times The Signs of the Brazilian Protests

 Se você tivesse que resumiro año de 2013 para o Brasil em uma frase, o que você diria?

Vem pra Rua    Come to the streets!



O gigante acordou!    The giant awakes!


Que seja só o começo.   It is only just beginning.


Daqui pra frente tudo vai ser differente.      Here and in the future, everything is going to be different.


Trabalhar e lutar sempre pelo que se sonha.      Always fight for what you believe in.



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